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Barkingham Acres

Boarding • Grooming • Training

Acres of Fun for your Four Legged Friends!

We offer a 5,500 sq ft boarding facility all under heat & air along with three large fenced-in grassy exercise yards and training areas. Facilities include indoor air conditioned and heated kennels as well as luxury, furnished boarding suites.

Whether it is a Chihuahua, a Great Dane or anything in between, we have a place just for them. Everything has been arranged for the comfort and convenience of your pets. Our runs are 4x8 runs all under heat and air and built with your pet's safety in mind. We have twenty-six 4x8 runs and eight in-out runs. An in-out run is a 4x8 run inside with an additional 4x10 on the outside.

All pets are treated to playtime in one of our three large yards several times a day. At Barkingham Acres your pet is part of the family.

Pet Daycare